The First Trailer for The Mist TV Show Expands on Stephen King's Story

The Mist is coming. Image: Spike
The Mist is coming. Image: Spike

When most people think of Stephen King’s The Mist, the first thing that comes to mind is the 2007 movie (and its incredibly messed-up ending). But if Spike TV has its way, that’ll change in June, when The Mist TV show—which just dropped its first trailer—makes its debut.


What you immediately notice is that, unlike King’s original short story or the movie, The Mist series isn’t relegated to just one setting, which would have been impractical for what the network hopes will be an ongoing series. Instead, several different locations will provide the backdrop for an incident in which a mysterious, sinister mist takes over a quiet little town. Here’s the trailer.

That’s a very good trailer, with some super creepy visuals and intriguing characters. However, the reason King’s story and the 2007 movie worked so well was the sense of isolation and fear of the unknown. In a series, it will certainly be a challenge to keep the audience engaged while also providing enough information and drama to keep things fresh.

We’ll find out how it works on June 22 when The Mist debuts on Spike TV.

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Hope I’m wrong, but the trailer sorta made it seem like there won’t actually be monsters in the mist (at least I couldn’t spot any in the trailer) and that the threat will be more supernatural. Or maybe they’re just holding off on showing them/the CG isn’t done yet.

I’ve always loved the idea of expanding on the original concept, and our entire planet overcome with an invasive alien life form so I’m willing to give them a chance. But if it ends up being supernatural/ghosts/whatever instead of alien creatures then I have no interest.