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The First USB 3.0 Flash Drive That's Small Enough To Lose

Illustration for article titled The First USB 3.0 Flash Drive Thats Small Enough To Lose

It was inevitable that USB 3 flash drives would eventually catch up to their USB 2 predecessors in terms of shedding excess weight, but it's still nice to see I-O Data introducing what could be the smallest USB 3 flash drive now on the market.


For a yet to be determined price, I-O Data's U3-CPSL flash drives let you easily misplace 8GB and 16GB worth of data. But rest assured, if it does go missing and needs to be replaced, at USB 3 speeds refilling it with your data will take no time at all. [I-O Data via Livedoor News]

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worlds first? um, not quite. I bought this USB 3.0 thumb drive in Hong Kong (32 GB) for $35, looks great on my macbook pro.