The Flash and Supergirl TV Crossover Is Happening, People

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The Fastest Man Alive will meet the Girl of Steel on March 28, when the Flash will make an appearance on CBS’ Supergirl.


According to the press release, The Flash’s Grant Gustin will only be guest starring on Supergirl. There are no other details as of yet, including whether Melissa Benoist will return the favor on The CW’s show at a later date. (Or if poor Green Arrow is going to see any of this cross-network synergy.)

This TV team-up has been rumored basically since Supergirl was announced, since it and The Flash share the same executive producers, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg. Still, I’m pleasantly surprised CBS, The CW, DC and Warner Bros. were all open-minded enough for it to happen, especially in Supergirl’s first season.

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This may have been said before but I don’t think it gets said enough-

Melissa Benoist is as perfectly cast as Supergirl as Christopher Reeve was Superman