The Flash Has Booked Tickets For a Trip to Gorilla City Next Season

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Bright lights, big (gorilla) city! Come for the stunning views, stay for the highly intelligent apes desperately eager to beat you into a tiny Barry Allen-shaped pulp.


Yes, after the delightful teaser last season, Flash season three (presumably subtitled “Oh God Barry You Broke It Fix It Now Oh God”) will indeed be visiting Gorilla City, home of Gorilla Grodd and his primate friends. Confirmed at the CW’s humongous TCA panel, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that Gorilla City wouldn’t just be back, but Barry and the team would be enjoying an extended staycation there, for a whole two-part story of gorilla shenanigans.

Gorilla Grodd is perhaps the crowning achievement of The Flash’s ability to embrace its comic book roots with reckless abandon, so honestly? We can’t wait to head to Gorilla City next season. It should be great, as long as Barry manages to not mess everything up even further.

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I bet the subtitle for this season will be: