(UPDATE)The Force Awakens Lego Images Reveal a Fancy X-Wing—and New Characters

Update: The Lego Group have asked that we remove the images from this post, and Leg Godt has complied with that request. The original text of the post is as follows.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is getting a veritable slew of merchandise later this year, and Lego is no exception. Several new pictures of some of the Lego planned for release, and with it, our first, Lego-y look at some new characters from the film.


The pictures, posted to Star Wars Lego site From Bricks to Bothans, are of two new sets in the Force Awakens line: Poe Dameron’s X-Wing, and the Millennium Falcon. Both aren’t exactly the most exciting reveals—the Falcon looks like the Falcon, and we’ve already seen the updated X-Wings in action in both teaser trailers (although this does confirm that the black-and-orange ship seen on set during filming is Oscar Isaac’s personal ship). The most interesting news comes in the minifigures themselves. Poe’s X-Wing comes with 4—well, let’s say three and a half:

Dameron himself, a female X-Wing pilot, an alien ground crewman and an incredibly cute little BB-8. Notice how they’re no longer members of the Rebel Alliance—like the Empire becoming the First Order, the band of heroes in The Force Awakens is now called the Resistance. Interestingly, the set also confirms that BB-8, like R2-D2 and other Astromech droids, can be a droid co-pilot in an X-Wing.

The Millennium Falcon is actually a new model—not quite up to the UCS-scaled release, but also a bit different than the most recent model released in 2011. The only real difference for the Force Awakens is the new, rectangular radar dish (replacing the one knocked off in Return of the Jedi) but once again, the interesting news comes from the figures:

Alongside Rey, Finn, BB-8 Chewbacca and the older Han Solo, we’ve got Tasu Leech and a generic “Kanjiklub Gang Member”. Given the fact that the Falcon looks like it’s flying over the sandy planet of Jakku in the trailers, it seems like our heroes will get into some trouble involving Leech and this gang (who are presumably related) while they’re there—before running into the First Order as they do in the teasers.

We won’t have to wait much longer to find out more about The Force Awakens Lego—it’s due for release in September, alongside the first major wave of merchandise for the film.

[From Bricks To Bothans]

Photos by From Bricks To Bothans

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