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Anaxar Is Going To Be The Ultimate Star Trek Fan Film

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Fan-made Star Trek projects are 10 Federation credits a dozen. But Robert Burnett isn't just any fan — he's the director of the beloved Trek romantic comedy Free Enterprise, and now he's consulting on a movie chronicling the first Klingon war.

Set after Enterprise and before the Original Series, Axanar will be a 90-minute movie about "The Four Years War," as mentioned in the TOS episode "Whom Gods Destroy." It's being produced by Alec Peters and director by The Red Star's Christian Gossett, and produced by both of them. The video above is a trailer for the prequel, a short named "Prelude to Axanar," which has already been completed and will debut at this year's San Diego Comic-Con in hopes of generating enough interest to fund the Axanar movie proper. Here's the official summary:

PRELUDE TO AXANAR is a transmission from Memory Alpha and the Federation Historical Society recounting the famous Battle of Axanar, the decisive victory won by Captain Garth of Izar, bringing the Four Years War to a conclusion and the first tenuous peace between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. This special details accounts from the actual participants who were there, fighting, and changed the face of the Alpha Quadrant forever.


This trailer looks great; Hopefully we'll have some more details for you during Comic-Con — including where you Trek fans can donate.