The Federal Trade Commission is offering $50,000 to the first person to take down one of the most abhorrent aspects of daily life: robocallers. With the Do Not Call Registry proving to be a resounding failure, the FTC is putting themselves at the mercy of the nation's tech savvy.

The FTC is providing its contestants with information from consumer complaints such as the times and dates of offending calls, the supposed callers' names, and the first seven digits of their phone numbers. Then all Robokiller hopefuls have to do is figure out a way to block robocalls from every single landline and cell phone from coast to coast. Daunting maybe, but if the money isn't enough of an incentive, the FTC's director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection predicts that the winner "will become a national hero." While I highly doubt anyone will remember the name of the winner (assuming someone actually succeeds), who cares? You have $50,000. [Fast Company]


Image Credit: Shuttershock/Elisanth