LEGO is a toy as old as time. The iPhone is a toy that every kid wants. If you combine them together, you have 'Life of George'. It's a LEGO game with companion iPhone app that every man, woman and child would want to play.

Life of George cleverly combines augmented reality with LEGO. The iPhone app gives you instructions on what to build with LEGO bricks and then you race against the clock to build it. Once completed, hold your iPhone up to take a picture of the finished LEGO model and the app will check for accuracy and timeliness and then give you points. There's even a two player mode where you can compete against a friend in building with LEGO bricks. I think it's the perfect way to get kids who are infatuated with metal glass touchscreen these days, to rekindle the love for LEGO. It's the future, yo. [LEGO via Co. Design]