The Gizmodo Computer Lab For Kids Who Can't Tech Good

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We all take things for granted. Like having a school. Or a computer. That's why Gizmodo and some friendly gadget companies are teaming up with Surf For Life, a non-profit that lets people help local causes while on vacation.

In September, I'm going to El Salvador's El Cuco region with some amazing artists, surf board makers, writers and film makers like our friend Cyrus Sutton. We're going to surf and fish and have a great time. But we're also going to be building a school for the kids above. Without it, they wouldn't actually have a high school to go to.


Now, I can't even imagine my own high school days without a high school, but being a teenager without computers seems even more incomprehensible these days. Which is why a small part of the small school will be dedicated to a Gizmodo Media Lab with gear donated selflessly by some gadget companies.

Lenovo is giving laptops.
Epson is helping with a Moviemate 62 projector/speaker system.
GoPro is donating cameras.
And Lego is giving the kids Mindstorm sets so they can learn a thing or two about basic robotics and building.

If you're feeling charitable, click through here to donate and learn more about the program. We could use your support. And if you're a Philanthroper member, Surf For Life is their Charity of the Day.

[Surf For Life, Philanthroper, Donate Directly to Surf For Life]


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So Blam, are you WITH Gizmodo on this (and in the future), or are you simply facilitating Giz's involvement here? Are you in fact the REASON Giz is involved and why Giz will be receiving plaudits on account of you being involved??? Inquiring minds want to know.