The Glif Stand and Camera Mount Is the Sidekick Your iPhone 4 Deserves

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The Glif is one impressive little piece of plastic. It can stand your iPhone 4 up in portrait mode. It can prop it up in landscape. And it has a built-in camera mount for attaching your iPhone to a tripod.


It's just a small piece of injection molded plastic that's shaped like a bottle opener. But as the above video shows, the cleverly-designed Glif hides a surprising amount of functionality. Stand your iPhone up during FaceTime calls. Prop it up as a mini computer. Or strap it to a tripod and get your iMovie app money's worth.

I've always loathed the idea of pairing my sleek iPhone with cumbersome plastic accessories, and I would have loved to dismiss the Glif and just go about my business. But the thing looks just too damn useful to ignore. Glif smashed through their Kickstarter goal of $10,000 yesterday, and as of now over 1000 supporters have donated upwards of $30,000. That means production should start soon. I'm excited. [The Glif]