The Google Maps app has proved invaluable for the intrepid urban explorer in navigating the city. Now a new update for iOS and Android can provide specific contextual details about what's around you depending on your location, time of day, and even the weather. So if it's raining (or about to), it will warn against going to a nearby park.

By tapping a new "Explore" button on the bottom right corner, you'll get information about nearby locations filtered by different variables. So when it alerts you to where you can have a drink or grab a bus, the app will also know if a bar is open, for example, or if public transit is departing imminently.


If you're looking for something specific, Explore can also help you find potential nearby locations by distance (ranging from a five minute walk to a 20 minute drive) as well. Once you get there, you can tap your location on the map and get details like restaurant reviews and transit schedules. It's similar to the settings in Yelp's app, which can filter results by distance and opening times, but having it all in one Google Maps app is very nifty and useful indeed. [Google]

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