The Greatest American Hero Is Coming Back With an Indian-American Heroine

Image: ABC
Image: ABC

George Costanza’s favorite TV show is coming back with a modern twist.

Deadline is reporting that cult 1980s TV show The Greatest American Hero is being rebooted, again, at ABC. The original show was about an unassuming white man who was given an alien super suit that allowed him to save the world. This version has the same basic premise except that the lead character is “Meera, a 30-year-old Indian-American woman from Cleveland, whose talents include tequila drinking and karaoke and not much else.”


The half-hour, single-camera sitcom is being written and produced by Fresh Off the Boat’s Rachna Fruchbom. ABC has given it a put-pilot deal, which means it will at least air the first episode.

With superheroes being so popular these days, the show’s rights holders have tried to reboot it a few times in the past, including a version by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. None of them have made it to air. Making the lead a woman certainly distinguishes this take, though, and gives it a more updated feel. It also, in a way, ties into the original show—which ended with a finale that changed the plot to The Greatest American Heroine.

We just hope, no matter what happens with the show, it keeps the theme song, which has become more iconic than the show itself.




Okay, it has been too long, and I don’t remember the ending of the original series so I don’t know how this ties in. I just remember it getting cancelled.

I’m fine with the lead being a woman. I’m fine with the lead being an Indian. But I am not liking the description of the Indian woman not having any talents or brains or anything much going for her. I guess I don’t know that many Indians and I just picture them all being doctors or engineering students (except maybe for the guys who own all those motels, and I picture their kids all being engineering students).

The guy in the original show taught high school (I do not remember which subject). He was a nice guy who wanted to help people, he had a brain, etc.... It just seemed like he was brainless in the suit because he lost the instruction book (at least twice that I remember).

So it needs someone with a brain who looks brainless because of a lost instruction book or some other accident, and someone (probably someone older or handicapped) to work with who thinks that they would be better at it, like in the original. Not actual clueless people.