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The Greatest Archive of Junk Store Cameras

Illustration for article titled The Greatest Archive of Junk Store Cameras

Laugh at the website's design if you want, but the subject matter depicted therein is un-mockable: Decades upon decades of sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly cameras bought from junk stores. Check out some of our favorites after the jump.


God, these are great. Makes me want to go hit the Goodwill and pick up whatever 35mm remembrance of things past I can find. [Junk Store Cameras via Boing Boing]

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that twin lens reflex at the bottom (the tall one with the two lenses) was a serious pro level camera in it's day. That thing shoots 6x7 medium format film (100mp equivalent) and it's lens optics are not junk. That thing was the fasion photographer's goto device for 20 years. It's shutter speeds are probably fairly low, and I doubt the light meter is still good for much, but it will probably still take professional quality pictures.