The greatest Jedi of them all comes to Star Wars: The Clone Wars at last!

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Forget Anakin. Forget Obi-Wan, even Yoda. The greatest Jedi is Quinlan Vos, the loner who ruled Dark Horse's Star Wars comics. Check out your first clip of Quinlan on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, making a hell of an entrance.

We had been threatening to start a write-in campaign to get Quinlan Vos on the Clone Wars TV series for a couple of years now — we even cornered director Dave Filoni about it at Comic Con, and he hinted that our fervor might be rewarded. And now here he is, just as snarky and acrobatic as his comic-book version (although a good deal cuddlier, now that he's appearing on a kids' cartoon instead of in a slightly more grown-up comic.)


Why is Quinlan Vos the greatest Jedi? Consider the facts — in the "Twilight" graphic novel, Vos gets struck with amnesia by evil slavers — he finds himself in a burning building with no memory of who he is, not to mention what he is, and he's forced to fight his way out with no clue what a Jedi is, or why all these people are trying to kill him. From there on, Vos' journey just gets darker, as he has to rescue his Padawan Ayla Secura (who's also brainwashed) and re-learn what it means to be a Jedi. Vos gets closer and closer to the Dark Side as he learns that his inherited talent for "reading" the history of objects can be extended to "reading" people as if they were inanimate objects.

Vos goes undercover to spy on the Separatists, and soon even he can't entirely tell whether he's gone over to the other side or is just doing a great job of infiltration. He skates closer and closer to the edge, as he's willing to do almost anything to uncover the identity of the "second Sith," the other Sith Lord who's in league with Count Dooku. Like another Star Wars character written by former seminarian John Ostrander, Vos dances along the Jedi/Sith line for so long, he starts to expose all the shades of gray that the Star Wars universe tries to hide.


So here are a few reasons that Vos is the greatest Jedi:

1. He's the only one who's got his eye on the ball, looking for the hidden Sith Lord instead of getting distracted with some ridonkulous trade war. If a few other Jedi were busy looking for Darth Sidious, the whole thing would be over in a day or two.


2. He's like a Ninja Jedi, sneaking through the shadows and spying on the bad guys instead of blundering around with a Clone Army at his side. And he's comfortable having lots of friends in low places.

3. He doesn't know he's just a bit player in the Star Wars saga — he thinks he's the main character. Which should be a given for any good character, but seldom seems to be the case. Quinlan really thinks he's going to be the one to track down Darth Sidious and end all this carnage. He hasn't gotten the memo that this is just Anakin's story.