The Hilarious Way Captain America Will Be Part Of Agent Carter

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Even though Agent Carter (debuting this Tuesday) is set after the first Captain America movie, while he's frozen somewhere in the Arctic ocean, it turns out the Star-Spangled Avenger will have a part to play in the miniseries! And hilariously, it's going to piss Agent Carter off so bad.


Apparently, Captain America will live on... as a radio show. Titled The Captain America Adventure Hour, it'll be a popular series in Peggy's world, meaning she's going to be forced to listen to some actor play Cap as he fights evil and rescues his lady friend and constant damsel-in-distress "Betty Carver." Via Entertainment Weekly:

"It's the bane of Peggy's existence because you have the Peggy character on the show, Betty Carver, and she's played by this actress who does a soft Marilyn Monroe voice and she's always in jeopardy," executive producer Michele Fazekas says. "If someone has a radio on, you'll sometimes hear it, and it's like, 'Oh my God, can you please turn that off?' It's just fun and a great little window into that time period."

That's fantastic. You can see a few shots of the "actors" recording the show over at the link, but they're just people standing an old-timey microphones. If there was a photo of Peggy shooting a radio, I promise I'd let you know.


Angrier Geek

Hmm, do you think this means that Captain Americas II & III clearly won't be part of the cinematic mythos? Though it would be awesome if they casually showed a teenager named "Billy" who was a tad obsessed with it.