Illustration for article titled The HIS iClear Card Solves Your Noisy Video Card Problems (Im Confused)

What is the HIS iClear Card you ask? Here is what the product page has to say:

"the latest solution to video card noise reduction. It has an excellent implement of state-of-the-art design and technology and give you a better gaming experience by reducing the distortion and noise generated from graphic card. It reduces the noise distortion generated from high-end graphic card (from both Radeon and GeForce) or TV tuner card, which provide up to 10% increase performance on Signal-to-Noise Ratio"


So to sum things up, it seems that the iClear doesn't do a damn thing. As far as anyone can tell, it is simply a slab of plastic that plugs into PCIe x1 socket.

However, according to a review by Alexey Samsonov the device did have a positive effect on signal-to-noise-ratios at certain frequencies when utilized with a low-quality analog TV tuner card and a video card configuration. But even if that is accurate, it is hardly worth spending around $80 on (athough Newegg has been bundling them free with certain video cards apparently). Still, if you do decide to experiment with it, I highly recommend picking up Boing Boing Gadgets' X-Maple pixel-flutter reduction block for PCIe as a companion. [HIS iClear via HTSAP via Boing Boing Gadgets and iClear Review]

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