The Hole in the Ground Looks to Breathe Creepy New Life Into the Spooky-Kid Horror Genre

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Horror fans know that for every really great spooky-kid character (The Shining twins, Damien from The Omen) there are dozens who just aren’t that memorable. But judging by its trailer, The Hole in the Ground is about to haunt plenty of nightmares with its genuinely eerie pint-sized antagonist.

The premise is pretty simple and even familiar—but the execution is dark, suspenseful, and full of “WTF did I just see?” moments, otherwise known as exactly the kind of atmospherics we’d expect from a film that’s being distributed by A24, which also brought us Hereditary and The Witch, among others.

A single mom and her young son move to the country to try and make a fresh start, not realizing there’s something very sinister in the woods out back. Once the boy discovers the yawning pit that has no reason to be there, he starts acting very strange...almost like he’s been replaced by a doppelgänger prone to eating bugs, displays of super strength, and freaking out the neighbors.

Looks like just the flick to double-feature with The Babadook, no?

The Hole in the Ground stars Seána Kerslake, James Quinn Markey (Vikings), and James Cosmo (Game of Thrones) and is the feature debut of Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin. It just made had its well-received world premiere at the current Sundance Film Festival, and should be hitting theaters soon, though a date isn’t yet set.


Update: The Hole in the Ground now has two release dates, including one that’s coming up right away. It’ll be on DirecTV on January 31, then hit theaters on March 1.


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