The House Of Cards Season 4 Trailer Is Equal Parts Terrifying and Exciting

House Of Cards Season 4 is coming in less than a month, but don’t worry: while you’re counting down the remaining 552 hours until you can binge on Frank, Netflix has released a new trailer to relieve the boredom.

The trailer is everything we’ve come to expect from Netflix’s hallmark original programming: overly tense music, serious corruption, a little sex, and enough plot material to keep you scheming for months. March 4th can’t come soon enough.


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Do I have much to say here that will be a surprise to anyone?

Nope. Just that this series is full of amazing people doing amazing things, and I can’t wait.

Oh, and by the way, dinosaur networks… no commercials. People like it when there are no commercials. You'd better figure that out, and quick.