The House That Will Steal Your Dreams

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OK, house of my dreams, you knew our love affair couldn't last. It's. OVER. It's not your fault, honey. It's hers. My new love stole my heart. I'm headed to Kamala beach—in Phuket, Thailand—to live with her forever.


I mean, don't get me wrong, I still like you very much. If you are into it, you can both share me. But Villa Amanzi—designed by Original Vision and built in 2008—has most of my heart. What's not to love about this dream home, perched on a 197-foot-high cliff overlooking the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea?

Absolutely nothing.

I'll be there soon, Villa Amanzi. [Archdaily]



You don't buy this house. You rent it and enjoy it for a while and go back to your tiny apartment in big city.

I did just that for the past few years and it worth every penny. Weekly rent of an awesome villa like this is maximum 20K USD in Phuket and usually have 5 bedrooms. 10 people fits comfortably. That's $285 a night/per. A better value than staying at the Four Seasons and it comes with own staff, cook, driver.

If you have a close group of friends you like to hang out with and be in an exclusive vacation environment, there in nothing better than a villa getaway.

Don't just drool over this stuff, they're all within reach if you're not too broke of course.

TL:DR / rent this place for $250 a night