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The Huntsman Sequel Isn't the Only Weird-Ass Fairy Tale Movie Coming Out This Year

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Thank your lucky stars, makers of The Huntsman: Winter’s War. You’re going to just barely beat your competition for a completely bizarre and highly overwrought adaptation of a Grimm fairy tale into theaters—specifically, The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, whose bonkers trailer is above.

To be fair, I didn’t know The Curse of Sleeping Beauty existed until 10 minutes ago, so maybe the Winter’s War staff hasn’t exactly been quaking in its boots. And to continuing being fair, TCoSB (as we people in the know like to call it) doesn’t look bad as much as it looks bizarre. I mean, it’s ostensibly about Sleeping Beauty, except that it takes place in the modern world. It seems to mostly be set in a haunted house, which is kind of like a cross between the house from Locke & Key and the mansion from the first Resident Evil game, but is full of Pan’s Labyrinth-y demon monsters. Also, what the hell is Sleeping Beauty wearing on her damn head.

TCoSB will actually be in theaters on May 13, although chances are most of its viewers will likely see it on VOD, where it becomes available on May 17. It probably won’t match The Huntsman: Winter’s War box office, but I am being totally honest when I say I’m at least as intrigued by The Curse of Sleeping Beauty as I am by its big-budget brethren.