The Incredible Optical Magic of a DSLR Transformed to Slow Motion

The mechanism inside a DSLR that converts your press of a button to a giant, detailed JPEG is concealed by a click and an instant. But in that instant lies some incredible engineering—watch it all happen super slowly.

The footage, captured by Smarter Every Day, used an ultra-slo-mo Phantom camera pointed at a Canon 60D. With that instant snap stretched out, you can see the camera's mirror retract, the shutter fly open, and the precious sensor exposed. It's amazing how rough it all looks in this fashion—the shutter wobbles as if it's going to break apart. And yet shot after shot after shot, the whole thing works perfectly every time. [Smarter Every Day via PetaPixel]

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Why does it appear as if the shutter moves to the bottom of the sensor opening as it opens, but then reappears from the top when it closes? Are there two shutters?