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The Incredibly Bizarre World Of Animated Soviet Propaganda Films

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After the Soviet Union formed, the new country's first animated film was a 1924 piece of propaganda films. From then until well into the 1970s, animated propaganda thrived in the USSR, offering a rare insight into the republic.


Soviet Toys, 1924

Results of the Twelfth Party Congress, c. 1925

We'll Keep Our Eyes Peeled, 1927

Onward to the Shining Future: Victorious Destination, 1937

Fascist jackboots shall not trample our Motherland, 1941

Three WWII cartoons depicting Hitler, made in 1941: Adolf the Dog Trainer and His Pooches, Hitler Visits Napoleon, and Adolf The Juggler on Powder Kegs

An Anti-Nazi cartoon titled 'We Can Do It'

Saboteurs and fascist pigs

Mr. Wolf, 1949

Valuable Kopeck, 1949, a cartoon against American financial system

Prophets and Lessons

American Imperialist: The Millionaire, 1963

Mister Twister, 1963, based on a children's poem written by Samuel Marshak thirty years earlier, tells the story of a wealthy American who travels with his family to Leningrad for a vacation

Plus Electrification, 1972, a cartoon about bring electricity to every town and village

Shooting Range (Tir), 1979