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The Interview Scores a Perfect 10 on IMDb

Illustration for article titled iThe Interview/i Scores a Perfect 10 on IMDb

A staggering 22,680 users have seen fit to award The Interview a perfect 10 on IMDb. Which is impressive for a film that virtually nobody is ever going to see.


Update: Sadly, the score is now back down to 9.9.

While the score for the film has been hovering at 9.9, Verge notes that today enough people have awarded it full marks that it now claims a mighty 10. That's obviously not enough for it to hit IMDb's Top 250—because the ranking for that are calculated with a little more scrutiny—but, hey, you never know.


Elsewhere, the movie score 4.2 on Rotten Tomatoes, with 96 percent of 28,662 people having rated it with at least 3 stars. Professional critiques have been a little more... unsure. But then, they have seen the film. [Verge]

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So, who thinks this is just a publicity stunt pulled by someone in Sony to raise awareness of and to get people to watch what is undoubtedly a horrible movie that would have tanked otherwise?