The Investigation Into That Missing iPhone [Updated]

As most of you know by now, police entered Jason Chen's home, seizing his computers and gadgets. While the investigation's in process, we can't comment much on this. We stand by our colleague and our coverage of the lost iPhone. Here's the background and some links to the more substantive external reports.


Background information

This Is Apple's iPhone

The Next iPhone Dissected

How Apple lost the next iPhone


A Letter: Apple Wants Its Secret iPhone Back


Police Seize Jason Chen's Computers

External reports

May 2, 2010
• A Lost iPhone Shows Apple's Churlish Side [New York Times]

April 30, 2010
• Newspaper Guild Executive Council Condemns Gizmodo Raid [Newspaper Guild]
• Apple vs Everybody: Going After Gizmodo [Newsweek]


April 29, 2010
• iPhone Finder Regrets His ‘Mistake' [Wired]

April 28, 2010
• Jon Stewart Slams Apple Over Its Handling of Gizmodo Case [GawkerTV]


• Apple May Have Traced iPhone to Finder's Address [Wired]

• Gizmodo's iPhone Saga: Fact vs. Speculation [PC World]

• Keith Olbermann on police raid

• We did not break into the home of the iPhone prototype seller [Fake Steve Jobs]


April 27, 2010
• Computers Seized From Home of Blogger in iPhone Inquiry [New York Times]

• What is Apple Inc.'s role in task force investigating iPhone case? [Yahoo News]


• EFF Lawyer: Seizure of Gizmodo Editor's Computers Violates State and Federal Law [Laptop Magazine]

• Expert: Invalid Warrant Used in Raid on iPhone Reporter's Home [Wired]

• Understanding the legal issues that are clouding the Gizmodo iPhone raid [ZDNet]


• iPhone Leak Investigation Pauses As DA Ponders Gizmodo Shield Law Defense [TechCrunch]

• Gizmodo Editor's Computers Seized Amid IPhone Flap [Bloomberg]

• Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's house raided, computers seized [ZDNet]

• OverREACTing: Dissecting the Gizmodo Warrant [Electronic Frontier Foundation]

• Apple asked for 'lost' iPhone criminal probe [San Jose Business Journal]

• Dilbert: That Lost 4G Phone [Dilbert]

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