The iSaw USB Chainsaw Was a Hoax with a Message

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Remember the iSaw from a couple days ago? Unsurprisingly, it wasn't real. But the cause that it was created to support is one we can definitely get behind.


Here's the email people who placed "pre-orders" received:


We love that you liked the i.Saw enough to pre-order.

Truth is, you already own a chainsaw. Your keyboard.

Help save more trees by cutting down on unnecessary printing. Download PaperCut, a free application that plays the sound of a chainsaw each time you press Ctrl-P.

Available for Mac and PC.

Thanks for the support. Help spread the buzz, if you will :)

PaperCut Team
(formerly known as i.Saw Team)

This is my kind of prank: it was clever, harmless and didn't disrupt anyone trying to do their jobs or harass anyone. Instead, it gave us a fun diversion with the goal of having us pause and thing about an issue with real merit. Good on you, PaperCut. Those douches at PETA could learn a thing or two from you. [PaperCut]



I didn't think there was a shred of truth to this.

I think we all saw right through this.

Glad to see this hoax got the ax.

Though, there humor certainly had a nice timbre.

These guys are a cut above.

Someone stop me. Please.