The live-action Kiki's Delivery Service trailer fails to deliver

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Ugh. I know Kiki's Delivery Service is based on a Japanese children's book series, and I know Hayao Miyazaki took a lot of liberties when he made his classic anime movie of it. So maybe this live-action Kiki is going to be more authentic, but there's just no way it'll be as good.

You can watch this first official trailer for evidence. It's about 90% people standing around, and 10% Kiki flying on her broom (which looks oddly crappy, despite it being the prevalent special effect in the movie. Seriously, if you can't make the broom-flying look good, just don't even bother). It's doesn't have a tenth of the charm of the animated movie.


Look, sorry, guy who wrote the Kiki novels, but no other Kiki movie is ever going to compare to Miyazaki's. It's just not. I don't care how much closer it is to your original, and no one else does either. Sorry you had the misfortune of an amazing director at the top of his game adapting your little book into a movie.

[Via Anime News Network]