The Lo-Res Chair

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Now, you have to examine the picture very carefully to understand why this chair is exciting. At first glance, it looks like something you'd make your neighbor's mangy misbehaving dog sleep on, as a punishment of sorts. It's full of edges and hardly seems comfortable. However, if you look at it some more, you notice the shape of the hollow inside. And suddenly, it doesn't matter if sitting on this thing might seriously aggravate your sciatica.

Designed by Guido Oooms, it's made of steel and polyether foam. The foam part should tell you that it's probably not that uncomfortable after all. The inspiration for this creation was the computer's image compression algorithms, where resolution is traded for greater transfer speeds, while still retaining the essence of what is meant to be portrayed. This is the application of that process to, well, a real chair.

Er, yeah, whatever. It looks sharp. And it has no price. -DP

The Lo-Res Chair[Oooms via Designsponge]