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It looks like the bandwagon has officially commenced for the Nintendo Wii. Case in point, the Loop. A new ring-shaped remote control concept that'll be coming out sometime in 2007.

The Loop lets you use hand gestures and a scroll wheel to navigate through channels. So pointing and clicking on the movies tab will give you a grid of currently playing movie poster thumbnails to select from. Hillcrest Labs, creators of the Loop, have claimed that at least one undisclosed 'major manufacturer' has licensed their technology. Whatever that means *Cough* vaporware *Cough*.


Now I'm all for innovation, but when I'm on the couch I'm usually relaxing and scrolling around. The Loop just seems like it's creating solutions for problems that aren't there. The people out there that are having trouble using today's remotes are going to be scared shitless of a remote like this, even if it is touted as being more 'intuitive'.

But the greater question is, what do you guys think? Would you use a remote like the Loop? Or would you just pass it up for something like the Harmony?

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