The Love Toaster Induces Giggles, Scorn

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Since we Gizmodoites are all bacon and toast lovers, we're always interested in the latest toaster ideas, even it's just a vacuous concept, or if it's just plain cutesy like The Love Toaster.


Of course, at first glance the crunchy products of the Love Toaster might elicit a smile, and might just thrill a little kid, but we can't imagine this Love Toaster settling any disputes. It might be a good gift for Grandma.

A week later, no one will even notice those three little words "I Love You" printed on that toast. It will seem like a dopey joke. Too bad you can't select other choice phrases to burn in. Find out your family's tolerance level for a mere (?) $62.

Product Page [Bim Bam Banana, via Gadget Candy]

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