The Low(er) Tech Way to Share Your Camera's Photos

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It's sad to say, but when it comes to quickly sharing photos, point-and-shoots really can't compete with the phones in our pockets. This camera concept has a unique solution: it saves photos to three USB memory sticks for easy distribution.


If your sharees are in the immediate vicinity, the UCIM concept, designed by Jung Eun Park, works great—just snap your shots and let your friends run off with the USB nubs full of photos. That becomes problematic when that friend lives half way around the world, sure, but it's better than not having a camera without any sharing options.

And while this particular model may generate some questions—how do I get the USB keys back from my friends? etc—it does seem a little bit inspired at a time when cheaper point-and-shoot cameras are going to need to start connecting, in some way, to stay relevant. [Yanko via Wired]

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Why not make it with a USB in. Then friends can use their own.

Or am I missing something, and that is how it works.