The Lumia 900 Becomes the Best Free Phone in the World (Updated)

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After a bit of pricing blueballs at the Lumia 900's launch, the terrific Windows Phone is free once again—as in $0. Any current owners or those who buy before the 21st get a $100 credit. Free fantastic phone.


The offer isn't just corporate generosity—Nokia itself is handing out the credit at the same time it's confirming reported data issues. But this is a great way to make amends: the Finns told AllThingsD that any Lumia 900 owner can grab a $100 credit, or swap their old Lumia for a new one after a software fix is released on the 16th. Those who haven't pulled the trigger yet can pick up a brand new 900 for $0 with the credit. All of this is assuming you're ready for an AT&T hardware upgrade, of course.


We've reached out to AT&T and Nokia to check how the credit will be available, and in exactly what form—but the bottom line here is a stellar deal (can you even call $0 a deal?) on a stellar phone. [AllThingsD]

Update: Nokia explains via Twitter how the credit will work for current owners:

If you have AT&T service, you get the $100 credit automatically to your bill.

Perfect! This is how correcting your problems is done, every single other company in the world. Please take notice.


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i'm confused... where do i click to get the credit? My phone should be arriving today!