The Marshmallow Moon-Suit

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Allyn B. "Happ" Hazard just looks so dang happy in his space suit, that it seems a shame JPL claims no responsibility for it. NASA never developed his design, but toy manufacturer Mattel knew it was too cute for words.

Hap was a Senior Development Engineer in the Missile Engineering Section at JPL, but he heart was in exploration, not blowing things up. As JPL transitioned from missiles to satellites, Hap jumped in with his plans for manned space exploration. His 1959 report is proceeded by the disclaimer, "The views expressed in this paper are those of the writer …." Hap's other off-topic projects include designing and building a hydrofoil boat, and, more puzzling, a snow-making machine.


While his design never made it into development with NASA, his Lunar Exploration Space Suit Mark 1 caught the imagination. After he left JPL, his cheerful suit showed up in Life magazine, Boys Life, and the Syracuse Post-Standard. Mattel even created an astronaut toy, Major Matt Mason, wearing a scaled replica of the suit and driving Hap's moon mobile.

Image credit: JPL. Have an idea of your own? NASA is holding a design competition to pick the skin of it's Z-2 prototype. You might also like this Lonely Astronaut photoshoot.