Vote on the Z-2 Spacesuit Prototype design

NASA is collecting votes on the aesthetics of the next edition of the Z-series spacesuit prototypes. With a lot of gortex and electroluminescent wire, the options come straight out of a scifi set.

Alas, this is for the prototype phase, which means it is a non-flight suit that will stay firmly on Earth. The cover layer for non-flight suits serves as abrasion and snag protection, a cover to protect technical details, and aesthetics. When the suits hit final design stage, the cover layer will have to deal with a lot more concerns including thermal, radiation, and micrometeorite protection. These requirements are demanding enough that a lot of the design-details for the prototypes couldn't be included.

Which is even more reason to take advantage of the lessoned requirements of a prototype suit, and embrace an awesome, outrageous design. Once you've picked your favourite style, head to the NASA website to cast your vote.

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