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The Masculine Mint Pass Robot Music Tank Could Crush Sony's Rolly Under its Tracks

Illustration for article titled The Masculine Mint Pass Robot Music Tank Could Crush Sonys Rolly Under its Tracks

The Korean Mint Pass is doing some pretty neat things in the MP3 player world, with this Robot Music Tank player/speaker concept tracking humans with its pyroelectric sensor, locking onto their thermal temperature and rolling after them, gleefully playing music.


Your cat/dog/ferret may get peeved if it detects their thermal temperature and follows it about playing drum 'n bass, but I would love a roving music tank that I could control using any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled device. Mint claims its Mintpad is the perfect partner for the Music Tank, but you can control it with your PC if you so desire.


If it ever comes up against the effeminate Sony Rolly, our money is on the Mint Robot Music Tank. Just look at those tracks! [Mint Pass via DVICE]

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I wonder how fast it goes, but I am thinking that it wont be fast enough to keep up with me around the house, and I dont see it doing stairs very well. Interesting concept, but, in my case at least, sort of useless.