The Matrix Lobby Scene A Capella Style

Everyone remembers the classic shoot-em-up lobby scene from The Matrix. Bullets flying, people flying, it was awesome.


What would happen to that scene if you took out the original soundtrack and replaced it with a multi-track a capella performance from Matt Mulholland?

You would get the video above which is guaranteed to make you smile, maybe even chuckle a little bit. [Matt Mulholland via Laughing Squid]

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OK, I'll bite. The Matrix, as a trilogy, was an epic adventure which tied intense action, philosophy, mind/body/soul spirituality and wrapped it all up in a unique style with a gripping story, making it one of the best experiences I've ever seen on the screen. The Architect scene was one of the best mind fuck dialogs ever, and one that kept a few of my friends and I talking for days about what it meant.

No sarcasm. I loved it. Problem is, people were expecting action, and many couldn't handle the dialog and undertones in the second and third. To those, please watch the DVD/Blu-ray extras. If you still hate it, fine, but at least you'll get an idea of what they were trying to illustrate.