Illustration for article titled The Mood Chair Knows Exactly How Your Buttocks Feels

Forget looking at the mood ring on someone's hand to know how she feels. Now it's the chair under her cute bum that'll reveal all. And the LEDs and embedded micro-chips on it are way cooler than bubblegum machine trinkets.

The Mood Chair is designed by a company called Aether & Hemera and while it doesn't look too comfortable, it's pretty fun because it changes color based on its environment and users. The only trouble is that there doesn't appear to be a chart explaining which color corresponds to which mood.

I really want one of these chairs. Not just because I think they're pretty, but because I want to see if they would stick on the same color like my mood rings did. What does an orange-ish red mean anyway? [Aether & Hemera via Generate via Technabob]


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