The Most Amazing Tour of Kennedy Space Center Is On Your Computer

In honor of the Kennedy Space Center's 50th anniversary, the Google Maps team has just added something very cool: an all-access pass to the KSC. You can now take a Street View walk through rooms you'd never have access to without some serious security clearance.


The self-guided tour includes over 6,000 high-quality panoramic images to explore. Here are some highlights:

For those of us who've always dreamed of going to this incredible place, it'll give us the closest look we've ever had, and will likely ever get unless that astronaut application comes through. [Google Maps]

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This was the greatest tour I ever went on in my life. I went for my birthday this past January. I was underneath the left wing of Atlantis looking at the tiles and all the numbers. To the left of Atlantis was Endeavor getting ready to be moved and flown on the modified Boeing. It was surreal. I felt like a kid again. You could see all the work that was going on and the massive structure that is the assembly building. I was just in awe when I looked up to see how frickin' huge it was and that the variety of spaceships were assembled here. All the banners of past flights and so on. It was a really great experience. I can't wait to go back next year to see the museum for Atlantis and what they did there.

I also loved seeing the Saturn V building and museum. That was flippin cool.

I also highly recommend the Shuttle Flight Simulator. That was neat.