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The Most Expensive B-Movie Ever Made?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Empires of the Deep reportedly cost a whopping $130 million — but a leaked trailer that came out two years ago had effects that were laughably awful.

Empires was originally announced in 2009. But little, beyond that bit of leaked video, has been heard from the production. There have been changes both behind and in front of the camera but Chinese real estate giant Jon Jiang, who is said to have financed the movie out of his own pocket (if you have the money, anything's possible), has kept the wallet open and production moving. The result is this new trailer, above — which looks remarkably like the leaked footage from two years ago, bad quality and all.


Could this be the most expensive B-movie ever made? If this video is any indication, that could well be the case. Even Olga Kurylenko as a mermaid won't be enough to rescue this sunk ship.

It's unlikely this will ever see the light of day in North America but Empires of the Deep could be fun after a night of excessive drinking or maybe as part of a night of excessive drinking. I'm actually curious to see just how bad $130 million dollars actually looks on screen.


For comparison purposes, here's the leaked trailer from two years ago:

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This article by Marina Antunes originally appeared over at Quiet Earth