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You know the drill. Facebook's changing its privacy settings; it's time to make sure all your shit is locked down tight. We've all been through it like a million times. But the folks over at Us Vs Th3m turned it into a game. It's glorious.


The premise behind the Realistic Facebook Security Simulator is simple. A clock ticks down and you are presented with several alarming and confusing settings that threaten to destroy your Facebook world as you know it and you must quickly change them. But it's not as easy as just clicking checkboxes; some horrible features are opt-in, some privacy must-haves are opt-out. It's stressful, it's confusing, it's alarming, it's hilarious, it's the future.


So what are you waiting for, hop right in and see how ready you are for the next big change. Don't mess up! [Us Vs Th3m via Reddit]

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