The MyDitto NAS Could Be The Simplest Cloud-Accessible Storage Solution

If you are looking for a network storage solution that you can access remotely, the MyDitto could be one of the simplest and surprisingly cost effective solutions out there.

I say "could" because it's impossible to pass judgement on the MyDitto without knowing the details on the software, but the device does handle RAID 0 or 1, it has USB ports for added storage and users can access their information from anywhere by simply plugging in a MyDitto USB key. Since no software is stored on the computer itself, it can be used on any computer without running a security risk. It's also compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux as well as WinMo 6.1 and iPhone smartphone platforms.


At $249 for a 1TB model it's fairly affordable when compared to many Windows Home Server solutions, and there are no subscription fees—a big deal for remote access (although, it only comes with 2 USB keys, so extras will cost you). However, if you have a little more experience with home networking you might be interested in the Iomega IX2-200. It has loads of features for the price and it does it's job well. [MyDitto via ChipChick]

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