The Nascent Days of CG Animation

Computer-generated animations have come a long way in a relatively short time span. Starting as a series of rudimentary renders in the late '70s, it's amusing to think these animations left people in awe. But they probably did.


The earliest traces of CG Animation can be traced back to the film Westworld and its sequel Futureworld. Two grad students at the University of Utah were responsible for implementing into Futureworld the first 3D wireframe animations that have come to define the '80s (in part, at least). One of those animators, Edwin Catmull, has gone on to serve as the president of Pixar.

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John Lassiter and his merry band of animators over at Pixar would eventually show the world what computers could really do (Toy Story was the first all-CG feature film). But in between the late '70s and early '90s, there were some weird . And that's what this video from NetworkAwesome captures oh so well. [NetworkAwesome]

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