Illustration for article titled The New Boxee TV Might Be the Set Top Box Weve Been Waiting For: Live TV Broadcasts, DVR and More

We've been waiting for a set top box that could shake up the current craptastic boxes we get from our cable companies and/or do more than some of the neutered offerings available and Boxee may have figured it out. Or at least done something different than throw out the same black square puck as everybody else. This leaked Boxee TV might be it. Maybe. Hopefully.

The Verge got their hands on leaked images of the presumably upcoming Boxee TV and the new device is supposed to be able to curiously angular Boxee Box does now which would make this upcoming Boxee an all in one box that combines Live TV, DVR and streaming options while boxing out the cable companies. This, of course, is all unconfirmed but it certainly looks like Boxee is serious about offering more features to make it easier for you to ditch cable. [The Verge]


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