The appearance of James Corden, who seemingly pops up anywhere these days if there’s a musical, might be off-putting to some, but look at everyone else. Idina Menzel! Billy Porter! Pierce Brosnan! And yes, that’s even Minnie Driver! Cannon has put together a stacked cast with a Cinderella who, obviously, can sing quite well considering her numerous chart-topping hits. No, it’s not a movie for everyone, but the film certainly feels like it’s going to find an audience.


Cinderella comes exclusively to Amazon on September 3 which is really quite soon. That might leave you wondering why you’re maybe just hearing about this film now. Well, that because it was supposed to be a theatrical release through Sony earlier in 2021. But, after all the release date changes due to covid-19, it got pushed back to summer, and then sold to Amazon, much like Paramount’s Coming 2 America and The Tomorrow War. Hence the September release date. But again, a film that seems like it’s aimed at a younger audiences feels right at home on streaming, where young people who become obsessed with this whimsical world can watch it again and again.

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