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The NEW Commodore 64 Can Finally Be Yours

Illustration for article titled The NEW Commodore 64 Can Finally Be Yours

Remember when Commodore tried to relaunch their brand with a sterile-looking keyboard PC? Remember when they decided against that, opting to cram modern guts into a retro Commodore 64 shell? Well the latter will be available later this month, featuring the NVIDIA Ion 2 chipset.


Unlike the 29-year-old original, this new iteration will have a 1.8 GHz Dual Core Intel Atom processor, HDMI and DVI ports, along with the standard fare of USB, ethernet, and audio connections. Essentially, it's a nettop in nostalgia's clothing. Depending on the configuration you choose (which includes options for a Blu-ray drive and 4 GB RAM), the keyboard computer will cost anywhere between $250 and $900. And to top it off, the product page is era appropriate! (Even if the C64 predated the modern browser.) [Commodore via NY Times]

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There is only one reason I would buy this: M.U.L.E.!

(And maybe Wizball.)