The New Crow Could Start Flying This Summer

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Director and screenwriter Stephen Norrington speculates that the final draft for his new Crow film will be done this month, which means filming can begin this summer. Commence mascara-streaked crying, Crow purists. [Mania]



This was one of my favorite films in high school, and remains high on my list today.

While the further installments of the franchise were not up to the original, the second and third each had some compelling moments.

What any new movie needs to do is go back to the first comic series, and learn just where the story came from. O'Barr was dealing with some heavy stuff, and wasn't just writing a story about revenge because it looked great on paper, but because he had suffered a real loss. that actually came through in the first movie, but really didn't have the same punch in the others.

Of course, Brandon had a lot to do with the depth of the first film, and that can't really be duplicated, but a great actor could make this a great film. Bring O'Barr back, and let him give this some direction, and not let the sHallowood writers make it a joke.

-here ends diatribe.