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The New iPod Touch Really Is About 50% Faster...OK, Maybe a Bit Less

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Apple says their latest 32/64GB iPod touch is 50% faster than the old iPod touch. Macworld tested the claim, and they found the new touch is certainly close to that benchmark, even if a bit short in some testing.

Booting the old touch took 31 seconds. The new touch takes 19. Loading a web page dropped from 34 seconds to 15. And most games teetered between loading 33% and 50% faster.


Despite Apple not reaching that 50% benchmark across the board, Macworld is still impressed because the "the new iPod touch feels much faster at any task you throw at it: applications launch (and quit) faster, Web pages load more quickly, processor-intensive games and programs perform better-you name it."

And the new touch should be faster. TUAW confirmed that this latest ipod to have a very similar ARM Cortex A8 processor as the quick iPhone 3GS, which is a surprise to absolutely no one. [Macworld and TUAW via The iPhone blog]