The New Kinect Will Understand Two People Talking Simultaneously

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If you weren't convinced that the new Kinect was already amazing, here's something that should change your mind: the new device will be able to discern between two people talking at the same time.

Polygon reports that Microsoft's Phil Harrison confirmed the feature during a talk at the Eurogamer Expo in London. The device will be able to process speech from two different people, even if they're talking at the same time. It'll also be able to tell when their mouths are moving, even in a darkened room.


That's in addition to some of its other insane features it packs: it can detect 25 joints between six different people, tell who's actually using the controller as opposed to passing through frame, and will map faces to 1,400 points. This sensor is going to be insanely good and fun to use. [Polygon]