The New Nintendo Switch Lets You Milk a Virtual Cow, For Some Reason

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We now know that the Nintendo Switch officially drops on March 3 for $300, but if having a new Legend of Zelda game available at launch isn’t enough incentive for you to pre-order the shape-shifting console, maybe a game that has you milking the udders of a virtual cow will have you whipping out your credit card.


One of the Switch’s more original launch titles is actually a compilation of silly mini-games called 1-2-Switch that has players competing against each other in one-on-one multiplayer competitions that include, and we kid you not, a game called Milk where you’re racing to squeeze more milk out of the udders of a virtual cow.

The New Nintendo Switch Lets You Milk a Virtual Cow

Nintendo set a precedent for bizarre games with its delightfully absurd WarioWare series, but the Switch looks like it could take things to a new level. And since Nintendo seems to be pushing the portable console as the perfect way to liven up a dull party, it’s games like these, as weird as they may seem, that are going to draw people in—and sell hardware.