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The New ReBoot Series Is Still Happening, And Now Has A Title

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here is an itty bitty update on the "reimagining" of the beloved CG-animated TV series ReBoot (or the ReBoot reboot, if you will). Apparently, the new show is still in the works and now has a logo and title.

Rainmaker Entertainment, formerly Mainframe Entertainment, has updated its website with assurances that the company is still working on the new ReBoot series, which is titled ReBoot: The Guardian Code.


There isn't much other info about the series listed (other than it will "provide a ground-breaking, multi-platform experience for the next generation of ReBoot fans"), but The Mary Sue points us to the site ReBoot Revival, which got a bit of intel on the series last year straight from Rainmaker president Michael Hefferon. Supposedly, we'll be seeing all the classic ReBoot characters, and the new series will be formatted more like the first two seasons of ReBoot, when our heroes defended the people of Mainframe from the User's games and forces like Megabyte and Hexadecimal. We're interested in hearing more, especially how the makers plan to update the series to reflect modern computer technology and games.

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