The New Version of OS X Arrives Today, and You Should Probably Update

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OS X El Capitan is officially arriving on the interwebs today, complete with a pretty new background picture, and a boatload of new features. If you’ve got a compatible Apple computer (which you probably do), you should get ready to download.


The best news about El Cap is that it’s free, and your MacBook probably supports it. If you are running Yosemite (or actually, any version of OS X since Mountain Lion), you’re good to go. You don’t even need to be on Yosemite — you can update from older versions too.

The complete list of compatible machines looks like this:

  • MacBook (13-inch Aluminum, Late 2008), (13-inch, Early 2009 or later), (12-inch, Early 2015)
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid-2009 or later), (15-inch, Mid/Late 2007 or later), (17-inch, Late 2007 or later)
  • MacBook Air (Late 2008 or later)
  • Mac Mini (Early 2009 or later)
  • Mac Pro (Early 2008 or later)
  • iMac (Mid-2007 or later)

However, to use some of the cooler OS X features like Airdrop and Handoff (which appeared in Yosemite), you’ll need to be running a machine from 2012 or later.

While Apple has officially confirmed that the update is going to land today, September 30 in the Year Of Our Lord 2015, we don’t have a time. But, previous software updates have hit at 1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific, so that’s as good a time as any to start hitting refresh.

When the update becomes available, you just need to go to the App Store and grab the updater. Make sure you’ve got a little spare drive space, and a good internet connection: the installer is 6GB. If you want to start anew, you can download the installer, create a bootable USB drive, and install from that; otherwise, just follow the installer’s instructions, and make sure you have an hour or so of free time to kill. And, as ever, remember to back up first: shit happens.




I really need to get around to shoving an SSD into my 2010 MBP. With no rMBA in sight, I probably won’t be upgrading any time soon, and it’s felt powerful slow lately. Shame that, even if I were to get it replaced, the battery life would still be kinda shite.

I would miss Airdrop and Handoff, but I only own the one iOS device, and somewhat begrudgingly at that, so I wouldn’t get much use out of them anyways.